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Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained with the best Humourous Speech contestants in our District.


Randy Maus - Co-Host & Master of Ceremonies

Randy believes in having fun while accomplishing the amazing and will entertain you as one of two Masters of Ceremonies for the District 42 Celebration.

A leader all his life, Randy uses his extensive experience coaching high performance business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and their teams to succeed at seemingly impossible tasks. He is an expert in leadership, communication and the tools leaders need to make the changes that change everything. He is a sought after executive coach and he is launching his book this year focused on real, everyday practices that leaders can apply to see tangible success with their teams.

Gord Grant - Co-Host & Master of Ceremonies

Gord shares funny, embarrassing stories about his failings to help his audience learn. Laughing at our frailties encourages forgiveness and creates a desire to overcome them. He is sure to entertain you as one of our Masters of Ceremonies.

Gord's interest in endurance sports lead him to build a business helping athletes develop the mental strength they need to set personal records. From there he started applying the same coaching techniques with sales teams to help them create the success mindset they need to achieve their goals. Gord teaches coaching skills to sales leaders who are driven to have everyone on their team consistently achieve their quota.

Angela Detmold – Go Downstairs

Angela will share a story of growth that will urge you to think outside the box. You will leave inspired to leverage your Toastmasters skills to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Transform the way you think about your regular Toastmasters meeting by making it more intentional. Gear your Toastmasters journey in the direction you want your life to go by learning how to take advantage of the untapped resources at your fingertips. Connect the dots between the people and skills in our district to the dreams you have for your life.

Angela started her career as an accountant and small business entrepreneur prior to becoming a real estate professional with RE/MAX. She regularly speaks on an expert panel that educates young adults on independence and building financial foundations. Passionate about living a well-rounded life, Angela has facilitated over 300 health and wellness workshops as a weight loss coach. Angela has competed on the Toastmasters district stage and leads the way in fresh, unconventional and creative methods of attracting new members to Toastmasters.

Marshall Ennis – Connecting the Dots with Story

Marshall Ennis

What connects the dots? Stories.  Marshall will show you how to craft your story to give a Strong Impression. A story engages people and inspires them to action with a simple message and a strong message. You’ll learn from straightforward and powerful presentation techniques that will give you the skills of a dynamic storyteller – making your presentations memorable, funny, and engaging as well as authentic and natural.

“As strong as your story may be, until you share it through spoken word, the strength lives only within.” ~ Marshall Ennis

Captivating the hearts and minds of audience members, Marshall’s strong stories leave them with his inspirational message long after his presentation is over. His physical world is enthralling, his honesty and humility are inspiring, and his entertaining nature provides everyone the opportunity to inspire a story. 

26 years ago, Marshall decided he wanted to impact others by being a strong speaker. It all started with a two-minute introduction to 18 people at a Toastmasters meeting. He did not know then that it would become a career, but he did discover the spoken word has Strength.  

Donald Lee – Overcoming Nervousness: Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Best “You”!

Of course you’re nervous, but Donald Lee has some tips and techniques to help you. As a musician, band director, athlete, and former finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking, Donald has experienced nervousness in many different settings. 

Donald Lee

Listen as he weaves advice and anecdotes into the story of a band student’s nervousness with her playing test. Donald will take you through an adventure of learning: there is really nothing to fear, psychological & physiological effects of fear, physical preparation, mental preparation, positive visualization, use of humour, and using love to dispel fear. Donald’s presentation will entertain, inform, and inspire you to master your fear as you “connect the dots” on your personal connect-the-dots-puzzle to create the very best “you”!

An active toastmaster in Alberta, Donald Lee is also an author and speaker. Through his books, blog, and speaking, Donald helps people to face life’s struggles with confidence, joy and even enlightenment. 


The Communication and Leadership Award is presented to an outstanding communicator or leader in the community. This year, District 42 is honoring the Lethbridge Ability Resource Centre (ARC). Paige McCann Sauter, the Lethbridge ARC Executive Director, is accepting the award on behalf of ARC. 

ARC is an exceptional not-for-profit organization that uses leadership skills to offer a wide variety of programs to people with disabilities across Lethbridge.  ARC’s success in communicating with their clients has always been central to ensuring access to life enhancing programs.  These communication efforts have been crucial to continuing to ensure that people with disabilities receive the help they need during the covid19 pandemic.

“Naturally Speaking Toastmasters is hosted at ARC’s facility and has been both one of District 42’s largest and strongest clubs and a shining example of what can happen when people are given a voice. We are thrilled to honour ARC’s commitment to the community.” 

~ Jocelyn Hastie, DTM, District 42 Director 2019-2020

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